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The UANTU is an organization that was established in 1985 out of a need to give Taekwondo practictioners a traditional foundation for their learning and certification. The UANTU's view on Taekwondo is that it is currently too "political" and that the true meaning and techniques of Taekwondo are being lost. In an effort to preserve traditional Taekwondo the UANTU was born. The UANTU has members in many countries as well as across the United States.

The UANTU's founder Master S.P. Hong began his Taekwondo training over 39 years ago in South Korea under the teaching of Grand Master Lee Byung Chae, 9th Dan, president of the UTU (Universal Taekwondo Union), one of the largest Taekwondo organizations in South Korea. This relationship with South Korea exists today as the UANTU has a direct affiliation with the UTU. This relationship allows members of the UANTU to train and compete in South Korea. Every year a tour to South Korea is offered to UANTU members in which you have a chance to visit many of the beautiful sights and train with some of the most qualified instructors in Taekwondo. In addition UANTU members are allowed to test for color belts as well as their black belts while in South Korea which is an experience not readily available with other organizations.

The UANTU membership is the only way you can be assured of having affiliation from a traditional Taekwondo organization.